Rosen's Emergency Medicine (Two-Volume Set with Access Code, Premium Edition) 7 Ed.

Marx, John ; Hockberger, Robert ; Walls, Ron
Rosen's Emergency Medicine (Two-Volume Set with Access Code, Premium Edition)
Especialidad: Urgencias
ISBN: 9780323054720
Publicación: 2009
Idioma: Ingles

Book Description:
Univ. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Brandon/Hill Medical List minimal-core, first-purchase selection (#165). Textbook provides current information on emergency medicine and presents more than 1,200 color illustrations of patient symptoms and diagnostic imaging findings. Now two volumes instead of three. For physicians. Previous edition: c2006. DNLM: Emergencies.

Volume 1

PART I Fundamental Clinical Concepts
1 (2)
Section One Critical Management Principles
3 (80)
3 (20)
Ron M. Walls

Mechanical Ventilation and Noninvasive Ventilatory Support
23 (6)
Megan L. Anderson

John G. Younger

Monitoring the Emergency Patient
29 (5)
Michael F. Murphy

Baruch Krauss

34 (8)
Alan E. Jones

Jeffrey A. Kline

Blood and Blood Components
42 (5)
Matt Emery

Brain Resuscitation
47 (6)
Robert Silbergleit

Adult Resuscitation
53 (11)
Kevin R. Ward

Robert W. Neumar

Pediatric Resuscitation
64 (13)
Marc D. Berg

Vinay M. Nadkarni

Marianne Gausche-Hill

Amy H. Kaji

Robert A. Berg

Neonatal Resuscitation
77 (6)
Suzan S. Mazor

Eileen J. Klein

Section Two Cardinal Presentations
83 (158)
Fever in the Adult Patient
83 (4)
Frederick C. Blum

87 (6)
Eve D. Losman

Dizziness and Vertigo
93 (8)
Jonathan S. Olshaker

101 (5)
J. Stephen Huff

Depressed Consiciousness and Coma
106 (7)
Jeremy L. Cooke

113 (5)
Ana M. Davitt

Charles V. Pollack, Jr.

118 (6)
Christopher S. Russi

124 (8)
Sabina Braithwaite

Debra Perina

Chest Pain
132 (10)
James E. Brown

Glenn C. Hamilton

142 (7)
Robert A. De Lorenzo

Nausea and Vomiting
149 (10)
Leslie S. Zun

Amardeep Singh

Abdominal Pain
159 (11)
Rimon N. Bengiamin

Gavin R. Budhram

Kelly E. King

John M. Wightman

Gastrointestinal Bleeding
170 (6)
Philip L. Henneman

176 (6)
Robert E. Collier

John E. Gough

Philip A. Clement

182 (5)
Jan M. Shoenberger

187 (6)
Matthew A. Wheatley

Katherine L. Heilpern

Acute Pelvic Pain in Women
193 (6)
Ari Lipsky

Vaginal Bleeding
199 (5)
Hilarie Cranmer

Mark Foran

Back Pain
204 (7)
Brain D. Mahoney

Kevin G. Rodgers

James B. Jones

211 (6)
Madonna Fernandez-Fracjkelton

Jennifer Bocock

Sore Throat
217 (6)
Amy V. Kontrick

Jonathan I. Singer

Mark E. Gebhart

223 (3)
Calvin A. Brown Ill

Red and Painful Eye
226 (15)
Joshua L. Wright

John M. Wightman

PART II Trauma
241 (2)
Section One General Concepts
243 (52)
Multiple Trauma
243 (9)
Eric Gross

Marc Martel

Trauma in Pregnancy
252 (10)
Kriti Bhatia

Hilarie Cranmer

Pediatric Trauma
262 (19)
Randolph J. Cordle

Richard M. Cantor

Geriatric Trauma
281 (5)
Diane M. Birnbaumer

Injury Prevention and Control
286 (9)
Stephen W. Hargarten

E. Brooke Lerner

Section Two System Injuries
295 (172)
Head Injury
295 (28)
Michelle H. Biros

William G. Heegaard

Facial Trauma
323 (14)
Mary Pat McKay

Ryanne J. Mayersak

Spinal Injuries
337 (40)
Robert S. Hockberger

Amy H. Kaji

Edward J. Newton

377 (10)
Kim Newton

Thoracic Trauma
387 (27)
Marc Eckstein

Sean O. Henderson

Abdominal Trauma
414 (21)
Jennifer L. Isenhour

John A. Marx

Genitourinary System
435 (21)
Michael S. Runyon

Peripheral Vascular Injury
456 (11)
Edward J. Newton

Sanjay Arora

Section Three Orthopedic Lesions
467 (231)
General Principles of Orthopedic Injuries
467 (22)
Joel M. Geiderman

Dan Katz

489 (36)
Everett T. Lyn

Thomas Mailhot

Wrist and Forearm
525 (20)
Karen G. H. Woolfrey

Michael R. Woolfrey

Mary A. Eisenhauer

Humerus and Elbow
545 (22)
Joel M. Geiderman

Sam S. Torbati

567 (24)
Mohamud Daya

Yoko Nakamura

Musculoskeletal Back Pain
591 (13)
Michelle Lin

Pelvic Trauma
604 (15)
Stephen B. Choi

A. Adam Cwinn

Femur and Hip
619 (26)
James F. Fiechtl

Robert W. Fitch

Knee and Lower Leg
645 (25)
Daniel J. Pallin

Everett T. Lyn

Ankle and Foot
670 (28)
Riyad B. Abu-Laban

Kendall Ho

Section Four Soft Tissue Injuries
698 (80)
Wound Management Principles
698 (17)
Barry Simon

H. Gene Hern, Jr.

Foreign Bodies
715 (18)
Stephen H. Thomas

Benjamin A. White

Mammalian Bites
733 (10)
Ellen J. Weber

Hugh H. West

Venomous Animal Injuries
743 (15)
Edward J. Otten

Thermal Burns
758 (9)
Adam J. Singer

Breena R. Taira

Christopher C. Lee

Harry S. Soroff

Chemical Injuries
767 (11)
Michael Levine

Richard Zane

Section Five Violence and Abuse
778 (65)
Forensic Emergency Medicine
778 (14)
William Spafford Smock

Child Maltreatment
792 (8)
Carol D. Berkowitz

Sara T. Stewart

Sexual Assault
800 (15)
Laura Slaughter

Intimate Partner Violence
815 (15)
Deirdre Anglin

Connie Mitchell

Elder Abuse and Neglect
830 (8)
Deirdre Anglin

Diana C. Schneider

Youth, Street Gangs, and Violence
838 (5)
H. Range Hutson

Jared Strote

PART III Medicine and Surgery
843 (2)
Section One Head and Neck Disorders
845 (43)
Oral Medicine
845 (14)
James T. Amsterdam

859 (18)
Rahul Sharma

Douglas D. Brunette

877 (11)
James A. Pfaff

Gregory P. Moore

Section Two Pulmonary System
888 (59)
888 (16)
Richard M. Nowak

Glenn F. Tokarski

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
904 (9)
Stuart P. Swadron

Diku P. Mandavia

Upper Respiratory Tract Infections
913 (14)
Frantz R. Melio

927 (12)
Gregory J. Moran

David A. Talan

Pleural Disease
939 (8)
Joshua M. Kosowsky

Section Three Cardiac System
947 (129)
Acute Coronary Syndrome
947 (37)
William J. Brady

Richard A. Harrigan

Theodore C. Chan

984 (41)
Donald M. Yealy

Theodore R. Delbridge

Implantable Cardiac Devices
1025 (11)
James T. Niemann

Benjamin Squire

Heart Failure
1036 (18)
John F. O'Brien

Jay L. Falk

Pericardial and Myocardial Disease
1054 (15)
Nicholas J. Jouriles

Infective Endocarditis and Valvular Heart Disease
1069 (7)
Joshua M. Kosowsky

Section Four Vascular System
1076 (61)
1076 (12)
Richard O. Gray

Aortic Dissection
1088 (5)
Felix Ankel

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
1093 (10)
Howard A. Bessen

Peripheral Arteriovascular Disease
1103 (21)
Tom P. Aufderheide

Pulmonary Embolism and Deep Vein Thrombosis
1124 (13)
Jeffrey A. Kline

Michael S. Runyon

Section Five Gastrointestinal System
1137 (120)
Esophagus, Stomach, and Duodenum
1137 (16)
Mark J. Lowell

Disorders of the Liver and Biliary Tract
1153 (19)
David A. Guss

Leslie C. Oyama

Disorders of the Pancreas
1172 (12)
Robin R. Hemphill

Sally A. Santen

Disorders of the Small Intestine
1184 (9)
Susan P. Torrey

Philip L. Henneman

Acute Appendicitis
1193 (7)
Jeannette M. Wolfe

Philip L. Henneman

1200 (28)
Sandy A. Craig

David K. Zich

Disorders of the Large Intestine
1228 (15)
Michael A. Peterson

Disorders of the Anorectum
1243 (14)
Wendy C. Coates

Section Six Genitourinary and Gynecologic Systems
1257 (76)
Renal Failure
1257 (25)
Allan B. Wolfson

Sexually Transmitted Diseases
1282 (15)
Diane M. Birnbaumer

Christine Anderegg

Selected Urologic Problems
1297 (28)
Kevin M. Ban

Joshua S. Easter

Selected Gynecologic Disorders
1325 (8)
Carrie D. Tibbles

Volume 2

Section Seven Neurology
1333 (97)
1333 (13)
Todd J. Crocco

Allison Tadros

Rashmi U. Kothari

1346 (10)
Evelyn H. Duvivier

Charles V. Pollack, Jr.

1356 (11)
Thomas Kwiatkowski

Kumar Alagappan

Delirium and Dementia
1367 (12)
Jeffrey Smith

Jennifer Seirafi

Brain and Cranial Nerve Disorders
1379 (10)
Brian A. Stettler

Spinal Cord Disorders
1389 (9)
Andrew D. Perron

J. Stephen Huff

Peripheral Nerve Disorders
1398 (13)
E. Bradshaw Bunney

E. John Gallagher

Neuromuscular Disorders
1411 (6)
Peter Shearer

Andy Jagoda

Central Nervous System Infections
1417 (13)
William J. Meurer

Frank W. Lavoie

Section Eight Psychiatric and Behavioral Disorders
1430 (42)
Thought Disorders
1430 (7)
Robert S. Hockberger

John R. Richards

Mood Disorders
1437 (8)
Radu V. Saveanu

Marshall G. Vary

Douglas A. Rund

Anxiety Disorders
1445 (7)
Eugene E. Kercher

Joshua L. Tobias

Somatoform Disorders
1452 (6)
Adria O. Winter

Thomas B. Purcell

Factitious Disorders and Malingering
1458 (5)
Jag S. Heer

Thomas B. Purcell

1463 (9)
Stephen A. Colucciello

Section Nine Immunologic and Inflammatory
1472 (85)
1472 (16)
Bruce D. Adams

Douglas W. Lowery Ill

Tendinopathy and Bursitis
1488 (9)
Michael J. Schmidt

Stephen L. Adams

Systemic Lupus Erythmatosus and the Vasculitides
1497 (14)
Jill F. Lehrmann

Clare T. Sercombe

Allergy, Hypersensitivity, and Anaphylaxis
1511 (18)
T. Paul Tran

Robert L. Muelleman

Dermatologic Presentations
1529 (28)
Rita K. Cydulka

Boris Garber

Section Ten Hematology and Oncology
1557 (47)
Anemia, Polycythemia, and White Blood Cell Disorders
1557 (21)
Timothy G. Janz

Glenn C. Hamilton

Disorders of Hemostasis
1578 (12)
Timothy G. Janz

Glenn C. Hamilton

Selected Oncologic Emergencies
1590 (14)
Sandra Ugras-Rey

Mark Watson

Section Eleven Metabolism and Endocrinology
1604 (72)
Acid-Base Disorders
1604 (11)
Jamie L. Collings

Electrolyte Disturbances
1615 (18)
Michael A. Gibbs

Vivek S. Tayal

Diabetes Mellitus and Disorders of Glucose Homeostasis
1633 (17)
Rita K. Cydulka

Gerald E. Maloney, Jr.

1650 (8)
Laura J. Bontempo

Amy H. Kaji

Thyroid and Adrenal Disorders
1658 (18)
David Zull

Section Twelve Infectious Diseases
1676 (183)
1676 (24)
Madonna Fernandez-Frackelton

Viral Illnesses
1700 (23)
Tenagne Haile-Mariam

Michael Alan Polis

1723 (9)
Ellen J. Weber

Prasanthi Ramanujam

AIDS and HIV Infection
1732 (19)
Richard E. Rothman

Catherine A. Marco

Samuel Yang

Parasitic Infections
1751 (18)
Bruce M. Becker

John D. Cahill

Tick-Borne Illnesses
1769 (24)
Edward B. Bolgiano

Joseph Sexton

1793 (23)
Peter E. Sokolove

Robert W. Derlet

Bone and Joint Infections
1816 (20)
Brain J. Zink

Neha P. Raukar

Soft Tissue Infections
1836 (12)
Harvey W. Meislin

John A. Guisto

Sepsis Syndromes
1848 (11)
Nathan I. Shapiro

Gary D. Zimmer

Adam Z. Barkin

PART IV Environment and Toxicology
1859 (2)
Section One Environment
1861 (81)
1861 (7)
Daniel F. Danzl

Accidental Hypothermia
1868 (14)
Daniel F. Danzl

Heat Illness
1882 (11)
Melissa Platt

Salvator Vicario

Electrical and Lightning Injuries
1893 (10)
Timothy G. Price

Mary Ann Cooper

Scuba Diving and Dysbarism
1903 (14)
Richard L. Byyny

Lee W. Shockley

High-Altitude Medicine
1917 (12)
Michael Yaron

Benjamin Honigman

1929 (4)
David B. Richards

Andrew L. Knaut

Radiation Injuries
1933 (9)
Christopher B. Colwell

Vincent Markovchick

Section Two Toxicology
1942 (139)
General Approach to the Poisoned Patient
1942 (6)
Ken Kulig

Louis J. Ling

1948 (6)
Robert G. Hendrickson

Nathanael J. McKeown

Aspirin and Nonsteroidal Agents
1954 (5)
Donna L. Seger

Lindsay Murray

1959 (5)
Larissa I. Velez

Sing-Yi Feng

1964 (14)
Elisabeth F. Bilden

Cardiovascular Drugs
1978 (11)
David J. Roberts

1989 (5)
Paul M. Wax

Amy Young

Cocaine and Other Sympathomimetics
1994 (7)
Rama B. Rao

Robert S. Hoffman

Toxic Alcohols
2001 (9)
Suzanne R. White

2010 (9)
Binh T. Ly

Richard F. Clark

Saralyn R. Williams

Heavy Metals
2019 (8)
Larissa I. Velez

Kathleen A. Delaney

2027 (4)
David C. Lee

Inhaled Toxins
2031 (8)
Lewis S. Nelson

Robert S. Hoffman

2039 (3)
Oliver Hung

2042 (5)
Mary A. Wittler

Eric J. Lavonas

2047 (5)
Christina E. Hantsch Bardsley

2052 (9)
Cynthia K. Aaron

James W. Rhee

Bram A. Dolcourt

Plants, Mushrooms, and Herbal Medications
2061 (10)
Richard D. Shih

Sedative Hypnotics
2071 (10)
Leon Gussow

Andrea Carlson

PART V Special Populations
2081 (2)
Section One The Pediatric Patient
2083 (185)
General Approach to the Pediatiric Patient
2083 (11)
Robert A. Wiebe

Susan M. Scott

Pediatric Fever
2094 (10)
Nathan W. Mick

Pediatric Respiratory Emergencies: Upper Airway Obstruction and Infections
2104 (11)
Mariann Manno

Pediatiric Respiratory Emergencies: Lower Airway Obstruction
2115 (12)
Richard J. Scarfone

Jeffrey A. Seiden

Pediatric Respiratory Emergencies: Disease of the Lungs
2127 (11)
David M. Stocker

Susan Kirelik

Cardiac Disorders
2138 (30)
Alson S. Inaba

Timothy Horeczko

Gastrointestinal Disorders
2168 (20)
Mark A. Hostetler

Infectious Diarrheal Disease and Dehydration
2188 (12)
Lei Chen

Renal and Genitourinary Tract Disorders
2200 (18)
Maureen McCollough

Ghazala Q. Sharieff

Neurologic Disorders
2218 (27)
David H. Rubin

Dina Halpern Kornblau

Edward E. Conway, Jr.

Stuart M. Caplen

Musculoskeletal Disorders
2245 (23)
Kemedy K. McQuillen

Section Two The Pregnant Patient
2268 (80)
General Approach to the Pregnant Patient
2268 (11)
Laurie J. Morrison

Acute Complications of Pregnancy
2279 (19)
Debra E. Houry

Bisan A. Salhi

Chronic Medical Illness during Pregnancy
2298 (15)
Kirsten K. Calder

Edward J. Newton

Drug Therapy in Pregnancy
2313 (14)
Rania Habal

Labor and Delivery and Their Complications
2327 (21)
Shoma Desai

Sean O. Henderson

William K. Mallon

Section Three The Geriatric Patient
2348 (5)
The Elder Patient
2348 (5)
Diane M. Birnbaumer

Section Four The Patient with Compromised Immune Function
2353 (12)
The Immunocompromised Patient
2353 (12)
Michael J. Burns

Section Five The Patient with an Organ Transplant
2365 (10)
The Solid Organ Transplant Patient
2365 (10)
Matthew T. Keadey

Section Six The Alcoholic and Substance Abuse Patient
2375 (23)
Alcohol-Related Disease
2375 (18)
John T. Finnell, II

David B. McMicken

Substance Abuse
2393 (5)
Stephen A. Colucciello

Christian Tomaszewski

Section Seven The Developmentally or Physically Disabled Patient
2398 (12)
Evaluation and Management of Children with Special Health Care Needs
2398 (12)
Terry A. Adirim

Section Eight The Patient in Pain
2410 (30)
Pain Management
2410 (19)
James R. Miner

Paul M. Pairs

Donald M. Yealy

Procedural Sedation and Analgesia
2429 (11)
David Burbulys

Kianusch Kioi

Section Nine The Problem Patient
2440 (19)
The Combative Patient
2440 (8)
Louise Kao

Gregory P. Moore

Kenneth Jackimczyk

The Difficult Patient
2448 (11)
Robert J. Vissers

Norman Kalbfleisch

PART VI Emergency Medical Services
2459 (46)
Emergency Medical Service: Overview and Ground Transport
2461 (8)
Thomas H. Blackwell

Air Medical Transport
2469 (7)
Ira J. Blumen

Howard Rodenberg

Stephen H. Thomas

Tactical Emergency Medical Support and Urban Search and Rescue
2476 (8)
Richard B. Schwartz

John McManus

Disaster Preparedness
2484 (11)
Carl H. Schultz

Kristi L. Koenig

Weapons of Mass Destruction
2495 (10)
Carl H. Schultz

Kristi L. Koenig

PART VII The Practice of Emergency Medicine
2505 (2)
Section One Clinical Practice and Administration
2507 (47)
Medical Literature and Evidence-Based Medicine
2507 (14)
Kelly D. Young

Roger J. Lewis

Observation Medicine and Clinical Decision Units
2521 (10)
Malcolm Mahadevan

Louis Graff IV

Emergency Ultrasound
2531 (9)
Vivek S. Tayal

Casey M. Glass

Multiculturalism and Care Delivery
2540 (7)
Edward Bernstein

Judith Bernstein

Thea James

Process Improvement and Patient Safety
2547 (7)
Shawna J. Perry

Robert L. Wears

Pat Croskerry

Marc J. Shapiro

Section Two Philosophical Issues of Practice
2554 (15)
Kenneth V. Iserson

End of Life
2569 (13)
Jean T. Abbott

Susan Stone

Medicolegal Issues and Risk Management
2582 (18)
Robert A. Bitterman

Wellness, Stress, and the Impaired Physician
Richard Goldberg

Andrew R. Barnosky

Index 1

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