Brenner and Rector's the Kidney (Two-Volume Set with Access Code) 9 Ed.

Taal, Maarten W. ; Chertow, Glenn M., M.D. ; Marsden, Philip A.
Brenner and Rector's the Kidney (Two-Volume Set with Access Code)
Especialidad: Nefrologia
ISBN: 9781416061939
Publicación: 2011
Idioma: Ingles

Section I Normal Structure and Function

Chapter 1 Embryology of the Kidney
2 (29)
Yoshiro Maezawa

Jordan Kreidberg

Susan E. Quaggin

Chapter 2 Anatomy of the Kidney
31 (63)
Søren Nielson

Tae-Hwan Kwon

Robert A. Fenton

Jeppe Praetorious

Chapter 3 The Renal Circulations and Glomerular Ultrafiltration
94 (44)
Karen A. Munger

Curtis K. Kost Jr.

Barry M. Brenner

David A. Maddox

Chapter 4 Metabolic Basis of Solute Transport
138 (20)
Alicia A. McDonough

Scott C. Thomson

Chapter 5 Transport of Sodium, Chloride, and Potassium
158 (44)
David B. Mount

Chapter 6 Aldosterone Regulation of Ion Transport
202 (24)
David Pearce

Vivek Bhalla

John W. Funder

John B. Stokes

Chapter 7 Transport of Calcium, Magnesium, and Phosphate
226 (26)
Rene J. M. Bindels

Joost G.J. Hoenderop

Jurg Biber

Chapter 8 Renal Handling of Organic Solutes
252 (41)
Orson W. Moe

Stephen H. Wright

Manuel Palacin

Chapter 9 Renal Acidification Mechanisms
293 (33)
I. David Weiner

Jill W. Verlander

Chapter 10 Urine Concentration and Dilution
326 (27)
Jeff M. Sands

Harold E. Layton

Robert A. Fenton

Chapter 11 The Cell Biology of Vasopressin Action
353 (31)
Dennis Brown

Robert A. Fenton

Chapter 12 Vasoactive Molecules and the Kidney
384 (37)
Richard E. Gilbert

David S. Game

Andrew Advani

Chapter 13 Arachidonic Acid Metabolites and the Kidney
421 (43)
Raymond C. Harris

Matthew D. Breyer

Richard M. Breyer

Section II Disorders of Body Fluid Volume and Composition

Chapter 14 Disorders of Sodium Balance
464 (76)
Itzchak N. Slotki

Karl L. Skorecki

Chapter 15 Disorders of Water Balance
540 (55)
Joseph G. Verbalis

Chapter 16 Disorders of Acid-Base Balance
595 (45)
Thomas D. DuBose Jr.

Chapter 17 Disorders of Potassium Balance
640 (49)
David B. Mount

Kambiz Zandi-Nejad

Chapter 18 Disorders of Calcium, Magnesium, and Phosphate Balance
689 (39)
Miroslaw J. Smogorzewski

Robert K. Rude

Alan S.L. Yu

Section III Epidemiology and Risk Factors in Kidney Disease

Chapter 19 Epidemiology of Kidney Disease
728 (14)
Chi-yuan Hsu

Chapter 20 Demographics of Kidney Disease
742 (16)
Amanda Hyre Anderson

Jeffrey S. Berns

Melissa B. Bleicher

Harold I. Feldman

Chapter 21 Risk Factors and Chronic Kidney Disease
758 (24)
Maarten W. Taal

Chapter 22 Nephron Endowment
782 (27)
Valerie A. Luyckx

Barry M. Brenner

Chapter 23 Aging and Kidney Disease
809 (35)
Devasmita Choudhury

Moshe Levi

Meryem Tuncel

Section IV Evaluation of the Patient with Kidney Disease

Chapter 24 Approach to the Patient with Kidney Disease
844 (24)
Michael Emmett

Andrew Z. Fenves

John C. Schwartz

Chapter 25 Laboratory Assessment of Kidney Disease: Glomerular Filtration Rate, Urinalysis, and Proteinuria
868 (29)
Ajay K. Israni

Bertram L. Kasiske

Chapter 26 Interpretation of Electrolyte and Acid-Base Parameters in Blood and Urine
897 (33)
Kamel S. Kamel

Mogamat Razeen Davids

Shih-Hua Lin

Mitchell L. Halperin

Chapter 27 Diagnostic Kidney Imaging
930 (76)
William D. Boswell, Jr.

Hossein Jadvar

Suzanne L. Palmer

Chapter 28 The Renal Biopsy
1006 (10)
Alan D. Salama

H. Terence Cook

Chapter 29 Biomarkers in Acute and Chronic Kidney Diseases
1016 (28)
Venkata Sabbisetti

Joseph V. Bonventre

Section V Disorders of Kidney Structure and Function

Chapter 30 Acute Kidney Injury
1044 (56)
Asif Sharfuddin

Steven D. Weisbord

Paul M. Palevsky

Bruce A. Molitoris

Chapter 31 Primary Glomerular Disease
1100 (92)
Patrick H. Nachman

J. Charles Jennette

Ronald J. Falk

Chapter 32 Secondary Glomerular Disease
1192 (86)
Gerald B. Appel

Jai Radhakrishnan

Vivette D. D'Agati

Chapter 33 Overview of Therapy for Glomerular Disease
1278 (19)
Daniel C. Cattran

Heather N. Reich

Chapter 34 Microvascular and Macrovascular Diseases of the Kidney
1297 (35)
Piero Ruggenenti

Paolo Cravedi

Giuseppe Remuzzi

Chapter 35 Tubulointerstitial Diseases
1332 (24)
Carolyn J. Kelly

Eric G. Neilson

Chapter 36 Urinary Tract Infection in Adults
1356 (27)
Lindsay E. Nicolle

Chapter 37 Urinary Tract Obstruction
1383 (28)
Jørgen Frøkiaer

Mark L. Zeidel

Chapter 38 Diabetic Nephropathy
1411 (44)
Hans-Henrik Parving

Michael Mauer

Paola Fioretto

Peter Rossing

Eberhard Ritz

Chapter 39 Nephrolithiasis
1455 (53)
David A. Bushinsky

Fredric L. Coe

Orson W. Moe

Chapter 40 Renal Neoplasia
1508 (28)
Scott E. Delacroix Jr.

Christopher G. Wood

Eric Jonasch

Chapter 41 Renal Disease in Cancer Patients
1536 (18)
Kevin W. Finkel

Amit Lahoti

John R. Foringer

Section VI Genetics of Kidney Disease

Chapter 42 Genetic Basis of Kidney Disease
1554 (16)
Barry I. Freedman

Donald W. Bowden

Stephen S. Rich

Chapter 43 Inherited Disorders of the Glomerulus
1570 (14)
Karl Tryggvason

Jaakko Patrakka

Chapter 44 Inherited Disorders of the Renal Tubule
1584 (42)
Alain Bonnardeaux

Daniel G. Bichet

Chapter 45 Cystic Diseases of the Kidney
1626 (44)
Vicente E. Torres

Jared J. Grantham

Section VII Hypertension and the Kidney

Chapter 46 Primary and Secondary Hypertension
1670 (82)
Jon D. Blumenfeld

Frank Liu

John H. Laragh

Chapter 47 Renovascular Hypertension and Ischemic Nephropapthy
1752 (40)
Stephen C. Textor

Chapter 48 Hypertension and Kidney Disease in Pregnancy
1792 (32)
Sharon E. Maynard

S. Ananth Karumanchi

Ravi Thadhani

Chapter 49 Antihypertensive Drugs
1824 (55)
Matthew R. Weir

Donna S. Hanes

David K. Klassen

Chapter 50 Diuretics
1879 (39)
David H. Ellison

Ewout J. Hoorn

Christopher S. Wilcox

Section VIII The Consequences of Advanced Kidney Disease

Chapter 51 Adaptation to Nephron Loss and Mechanisms of Progression in Chronic Kidney Disease
1918 (54)
Maarten W. Taal

Barry M. Brenner

Chapter 52 Mechanisms and Consequences of Proteinuria
1972 (28)
Norberto Perico

Andrea Remuzzi

Giuseppe Remuzzi

Chapter 53 The Pathophysiology of Uremia
2000 (21)
Timothy W. Meyer

Thomas H. Hostetter

Chapter 54 Chronic Kidney Disease-Mineral Bone Disorder
2021 (38)
Sharon M. Moe

Stuart M. Sprague

Chapter 55 Cardiovascular Aspects of Kidney Disease
2059 (22)
David C. Wheeler

Richard Haynes

Martin J. Landray

Colin Baigent

Chapter 56 Hematologic Aspects of Kidney Disease
2081 (41)
Carlo Brugnara

Kai-Uwe Eckardt

Chapter 57 Endocrine Aspects of Chronic Kidney Disease
2122 (16)
Juan Jesus Carrero

Peter Stenvinkel

Bengt Lindholm

Chapter 58 Neurologic Aspects of Kidney Disease
2138 (18)
Manjula Kurella Tamura

Chapter 59 Dermatologic Conditions in Kidney Disease
2156 (14)
Christine J. Ko

Shawn E. Cowper

Section IX Conservative Management of Kidney Disease

Chapter 60 Dietary Approaches to Kidney Diseases
2170 (35)
Denis Fouque

William E. Mitch

Chapter 61 A Stepped Care Approach to the Management of Chronic Kidney Disease
2205 (35)
Damian G. Fogarty

Maarten W. Taal

Chapter 62 Vitamin D, Calcimimetic Agents, and Phosphate Binders
2240 (18)
L. Darryl Quarles

Chapter 63 Prescribing Drugs in Kidney Disease
2258 (36)
Christopher W. McIntyre

Susan Shaw

Mohamed T. Eldehni

Section X Dialysis and Extracorporeal Therapies

Chapter 64 Hemodialysis
2294 (53)
Jane Y. Yeun

Daniel Ornt

Thomas A. Depner

Chapter 65 Peritoneal Dialysis
2347 (31)
Richardo Correa-Rotter

Alfonso Cueto-Manzano

Ramesh Khanna

Chapter 66 Critical Care Nephrology
2378 (16)
John A. Kellum

Rinaldo Bellomo

Claudio Ronco

Chapter 67 Plasmapheresis
2394 (17)
Ernesto Sabath

Bradley M. Denker

Chapter 68 Extracorporeal Treatment of Poisoning
2411 (21)
James P. Smith

Ingrid J. Chang

Chapter 69 Interventional Nephrology
2432 (36)
Ivan D. Maya

Michael Allon

Section XI Kidney Transplantation

Chapter 70 Transplantation Immunobiology
2468 (27)
Mohamed H. Sayegh

Anil Chandraker

Chapter 71 Donor and Recipient Issues
2495 (20)
Hassan N. Ibrahim

Bertram L. Kasiske

Arthur J. Matas

Chapter 72 Clinical Management
Jane C. Tan

Stephan Busque

John D. Scandling

Section XII Pediatric Nephrology

Chapter 73 Malformation of the Kidney: Structural and Functional Consequences
2258 (314)
Norman D. Rosenblum

Chapter 74 Fluid, Electrolyte, and Acid-Base Disorders in Children
2572 (50)
James C. Chan

Fernando Santos

Matthew Hand

Chapter 75 Diseases of the Kidney and Urinary Tract in Children
2622 (58)
Sevcan A. Bakkaloglu

Franz Schaefer

Chapter 76 Dialysis in Children
2680 (14)
Timothy E. Bunchman

Gina-Marie Barletta

Chapter 77 Pediatric Transplantation
2694 (26)
Jon I. Scheinman

Section XIII Global Considerations in Kidney Disease

Chapter 78 Latin America
2720 (13)
Miguel C. Riella

Roberto Pecoits-Filho

Chapter 79 Africa
2733 (11)
Saraladevi Naicker

Shoyab Wadee

Chapter 80 Near and Middle East
2744 (26)
Suheir Assady

Rawi Ramadan

Dvora Rubinger

Chapter 81 Indian Subcontinent
2770 (16)
Vinay Sakhuja

Harbir Singh Kohli

Chapter 82 Far East
2786 (17)
Visith Sitprija

Kriang Tungsanga

Kearkiat Praditpornsilpa

Chapter 83 Renal Disease in the Oceania Region
2803 (19)
Gavin J. Becker

John F. Collins

David C.H. Harris

Section XIV Challenges in Nephrology

Chapter 84 Ethical Dilemmas Facing Nephrology: Past, Present, and Future
2822 (14)
Alvin H. Moss

Chapter 85 Health Disparities in Nephrology
2836 (15)
Neil R. Powe

Carmen A. Peralta

Chapter 86 Tissue Engineering, Stem Cells, and Cell Therapy in Nephrology
L. Spencer Krane

Anthony Atala

Index 11

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Pediatric Nephrology 6 Ed.

Book Description:
Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. Two-volume reference covers clinically relevant aspects of pediatric congenital and acquired kidney diseases. Includes current treatment guidelines based on new research findings and clinical algorithms to improve understanding of kidney disease. For practitioners.

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