Bradley's Neurology in Clinical Practice 7 Ed.

Daroff, Robert B. ; Jankovic, Joseph ; Mazziotta, John C
Bradley's Neurology in Clinical Practice
Especialidad: Neurologia
ISBN: 9780323287838
Publicación: 2015
Idioma: Ingles

Dedication ii
Foreword ix
Preface x
List of Contributors
Video Table of Contents xviii
Volume 1 Principles of Diagnosis
PART I Common Neurological Problems
1 Diagnosis of Neurological Disease
1 (7)
Robert B. Daroff
Joseph Jankovic
John C. Mazziotta
Scott L. Pomeroy
2 Episodic Impairment of Consciousness
8 (9)
Joseph Bruni
3 Falls and Drop Attacks
17 (6)
Bernd F. Remler
Robert B. Daroff
4 Delirium
23 (11)
Mario F. Mendez
Claudia R. Padilla
5 Stupor and Coma
34 (17)
Joseph R. Berger
6 Brain Death, Vegetative State, and Minimally Conscious States
51 (6)
Jennifer E. Fugate
Eelco F.M. Wijdicks
7 Intellectual and Memory Impairments
57 (9)
Howard S. Kirshner
Brandon Ally
8 Global Developmental Delay and Regression
66 (7)
Tyler Reimschisel
9 Behavior and Personality Disturbances
73 (19)
HyungSub Shim
Amanda Miller
Carissa Gehl
Jane S. Paulsen
10 Depression and Psychosis in Neurological Practice
92 (23)
David L. Perez
Evan D. Murray
Bruce H. Price
11 Limb Apraxias and Related Disorders
115 (7)
Mario F. Mendez
Mariel B. Deutsch
12 Agnosias
122 (6)
Howard S. Kirshner
13 Aphasia and Aphasic Syndromes
128 (17)
Howard S. Kirshner
14 Dysarthria and Apraxia of Speech
145 (3)
Howard S. Kirshner
15 Neurogenic Dysphagia
148 (10)
Ronald F. Pfeiffer
16 Visual Loss
158 (5)
Matthew J. Thurtell
Robert L. Tomsak
17 Abnormalities of the Optic Nerve and Retina
163 (16)
Sashank Prasad
Laura J. Balcer
18 Pupillary and Eyelid Abnormalities
179 (11)
Matthew J. Thurtell
Janet C. Rucker
19 Disturbances of Smell and Taste
190 (7)
Richard L. Doty
Steven M. Bromley
20 Cranial and Facial Pain
197 (8)
J. D. Bartleson
David F. Black
Jerry W. Swanson
21 Brainstem Syndromes
205 (12)
Matthew J. Thurtell
Michael Wall
22 Ataxic and Cerebellar Disorders
217 (6)
S.H. Subramony
Guangbin Xia
23 Diagnosis and Assessment of Parkinson Disease and Other Movement Disorders
223 (27)
Joseph Jankovic
Anthony E. Lang
24 Gait Disorders
250 (12)
Philip D. Thompson
John G. Nutt
25 Hemiplegia and Monoplegia
262 (11)
Karl E. Misulis
E. Lee Murray
26 Paraplegia and Spinal Cord Syndromes
273 (6)
Bruce H. Dobkin
27 Proximal, Distal, and Generalized Weakness
279 (17)
David C. Preston
Barbara E. Shapiro
28 Muscle Pain and Cramps
296 (9)
Leo H. Wang
Glenn Lopate
Alan Pestronk
29 Hypotonic (Floppy) Infant
305 (9)
W. Bryan Burnette
30 Sensory Abnormalities of the Limbs, Trunk, and Face
314 (10)
Karl E. Misulis
E. Lee Murray
31 Arm and Neck Pain
324 (8)
Michael Ronthal
32 Lower Back and Lower Limb Pain
332 (11)
Karl E. Misulis
E. Lee Murray
PART II Neurological Investigations and Related Clinical Neurosciences
SECTION A General Principles
343 (1)
33 Laboratory Investigations in Diagnosis and Management of Neurological Disease
343 (5)
Robert B. Daroff
Joseph Jankovic
John C. Mazziotta
Scott L. Pomeroy
SECTION B Clinical Neurophysiology
348 (1)
34 Electroencephalography and Evoked Potentials
348 (18)
Cecil D. Hahn
Ronald G. Emerson
35 Clinical Electromyography
366 (25)
Bashar Katirji
36 Neuromodulation and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
391 (10)
Young H. Sohn
David H. Benninger
Mark Hallett
37 Deep Brain Stimulation
401 (6)
Valerie Rundle-Gonzalez
Zhongxing Peng-Chen
Abhay Kumar
Michael S. Okun
38 Intraoperative Monitoring
407 (4)
Marc R. Nuwer
SECTION C Neuroimaging
411 (1)
39 Structural Imaging using Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Computed Tomography
411 (48)
Bela Ajtai
Joseph C. Masdeu
Eric Lindzen
40 Vascular Imaging: Computed Tomographic Angiography, Magnetic Resonance Angiography, and Ultrasound
459 (27)
Peter Adamczyk
David S. Liebeskind
41 Functional Neuroimaging: Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Positron Emission Tomography, and Single-Photon Emission Computed Tomography
486 (18)
Philipp T. Meyer
Michel Rijntjes
Sabine Hellwig
Stefan Kloppel
Cornelius Weiller
42 Chemical Imaging: Ligands and Pathology-Seeking Agents
504 (7)
Vijay Chandran
A. Jon Stoessl
SECTION D Clinical Neurosciences
511 (1)
43 Neuropsychology
511 (17)
Benjamin D. Hill
Justin J.F. O'Rourke
Leigh Beglinger
Jane S. Paulsen
44 Neuro-ophthalmology: Ocular Motor System
528 (45)
Patrick J.M. Lavin
45 Neuro-ophthalmology: Afferent Visual System
573 (10)
Matthew J. Thurtell
Robert L. Tomsak
46 Neuro-otology: Diagnosis and Management of Neuro-otological Disorders
583 (22)
Kevin A. Kerber
Robert W. Baloh
47 Neurourology
605 (17)
Jalesh N. Panicker
Ranan DasGupta
Amit Batla
48 Sexual Dysfunctions in Neurological Disorders
622 (13)
Frederique Courtois
Dany Cordeau
49 Neuroepidemiology
635 (13)
Mitchell T. Wallin
John F. Kurtzke
50 Clinical Neurogenetics
648 (28)
Brent L. Fogel
Daniel H. Geschwind
51 Neuroimmunology
676 (20)
Tanuja Chitnis
Samia J. Khoury
52 Neuroendocrinology
696 (17)
Paul E. Cooper
Stan H.M. van Uum
Volume 2 Neurological Disorders and Their Management
PART III Neurological Diseases and Their Treatment
SECTION A Principles of Management
713 (1)
53 Management of Neurological Disease
713 (7)
Robert B. Daroff
Joseph Jankovic
John C. Mazziotta
Scott L. Pomeroy
54 Principles of Pain Management
720 (22)
Pradeep Dinakar
55 Principles of Neurointensive Care
742 (16)
Alejandro A. Rabinstein
Jennifer E. Fugate
56 Principles of Neurointerventional Therapy
758 (26)
Marc A. Lazzaro
Osama O. Zaidat
57 Neurological Rehabilitation
784 (30)
Bruce H. Dobkin
SECTION B Neurological Complications of Systemic Disease
814 (1)
58 Neurological Complications of Systemic Disease: Adults
814 (21)
S. Andrew Josephson
Michael J. Aminoff
59 Neurological Complications of Systemic Disease: Children
835 (15)
Aline I. Hamati
SECTION C Trauma of the Nervous System
850 (1)
60 Basic Neuroscience of Neurotrauma
850 (10)
W. Dalton Dietrich
Helen M. Bramlett
61 Sports and Performance Concussion
860 (7)
Andrea A. Almeida
Jeffrey S. Kutcher
62 Craniocerebral Trauma
867 (14)
Martina Stippler
63 Spinal Cord Trauma
881 (22)
Laura A. Snyder
Lee Tan
Carter Gerard
Richard G. Fessler
64 Trauma of the Nervous System: Peripheral Nerve Trauma
903 (17)
Bryan Tsao
Nicholas Boulis
Brian Murray
SECTION D Vascular Diseases of the Nervous System
920 (1)
65 Ischemic Cerebrovascular Disease
920 (48)
Jose Biller
Sean Ruland
Michael J. Schneck
66 Intracerebral Hemorrhage
968 (15)
Carlos S. Kase
Ashkan Shoamanesh
67 Intracranial Aneurysms and Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
983 (13)
Viktor Szeder
Satoshi Tateshima
Gary R. Duckwiler
68 Stroke in Children
996 (11)
Meredith R. Golomb
Jose Biller
69 Spinal Cord Vascular Disease
1007 (8)
Michael J. Lyerly
Asim K. Bag
David S. Geldmacher
70 Central Nervous System Vasculitis
1015 (3)
James W. Schmidley
SECTION E Cancer and the Nervous System
1018 (1)
71 Epidemiology of Brain Tumors
1018 (8)
Dominique S. Michaud
72 Pathology and Molecular Genetics
1026 (19)
Jason T. Huse
73 Clinical Features of Brain Tumors and Complications of Their Treatment
1045 (4)
Mikael L. Rinne
Lakshmi Nayak
74 Primary Nervous System Tumors in Adults
1049 (16)
Joachim M. Baehring
Fred H. Hochberg
75 Primary Nervous System Tumors in Infants and Children
1065 (19)
Matthias A. Karajannis
Sharon L. Gardner
Jeffrey C. Allen
76 Nervous System Metastases
1084 (18)
Robert Cavaliere
David Schiff
Patrick Wen
Kristin Huntoon
SECTION F Infections of the Nervous System
1102 (1)
77 Neurological Manifestations of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection in Adults
1102 (19)
Ashok Verma
Joseph R. Berger
78 Viral Encephalitis and Meningitis
1121 (26)
J. David Beckham
Marylou V. Solbrig
Kenneth L. Tyler
79 Bacterial, Fungal and Parasitic Diseases of the Nervous System
1147 (12)
Nicolaas C. Anderson
Anita A. Koshy
Karen L. Roos
SECTION G Neurological Disorders
1159 (1)
80 Multiple Sclerosis and Other Inflammatory Demyelinating Diseases of the Central Nervous System
1159 (28)
Michelle T. Fabian
Stephen C. Krieger
Fred D. Lublin
81 Paraneoplastic Disorders of the Nervous System
1187 (9)
Myrna R. Rosenfeld
Josep Dalmau
82 Autoimmune Encephalitis with Antibodies to Cell Surface Antigens
1196 (5)
Myrna R. Rosenfeld
Josep Dalmau
83 Anoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy
1201 (8)
Jennifer E. Fugate
Eelco F.M. Wijdicks
84 Toxic and Metabolic Encephalopathies
1209 (17)
Karin Weissenborn
Alan H. Lockwood
85 Deficiency Diseases of the Nervous System
1226 (11)
Yuen T. So
86 Effects of Toxins and Physical Agents on the Nervous System
1237 (17)
Michael J. Aminoff
Yuen T. So
87 Effects of Drug Abuse on the Nervous System
1254 (7)
John C.M. Brust
88 Brain Edema and Disorders of Cerebrospinal Fluid Circulation
1261 (18)
Gary A. Rosenberg
89 Developmental Disorders of the Nervous System
1279 (22)
Harvey B. Sarnat
Laura Flores-Sarnat
90 Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities
1301 (23)
Ruth Nass
Reet Sidhu
Gail Ross
91 Inborn Errors of Metabolism and the Nervous System
1324 (18)
K. M. Gibson
Phillip L. Pearl
92 Neurodegenerative Disease Processes
1342 (7)
Roger A. Barker
93 Mitochondrial Disorders
1349 (16)
Chris Turner
Anthony H.V. Schapira
94 Prion Diseases
1365 (15)
Michael D. Geschwind
95 Alzheimer Disease and Other Dementias
1380 (42)
Ron Peterson
Jonathan Graff-Radford
96 Parkinson Disease and Other Movement Disorders
1422 (39)
Joseph Jankovic
97 Disorders of the Cerebellum, Including the Degenerative Ataxias
1461 (23)
S.H. Subramony
Guangbin Xia
98 Disorders of Upper and Lower Motor Neurons
1484 (35)
Conor Fearon
Brian Murray
Hiroshi Mitsumoto
99 Channelopathies: Episodic and Electrical Disorders of the Nervous System
1519 (19)
Geoffrey A. Kerchner
Louis J. Ptacek
100 Neurocutaneous Syndromes
1538 (25)
Monica P. Islam
E. Steve Roach
101 Epilepsies
1563 (52)
Bassel W. Abou-Khalil
Martin J. Gallagher
Robert L. Macdonald
102 Sleep and Its Disorders
1615 (71)
Sudhansu Chokroverty
Alon Y. Avidan
103 Headache and Other Craniofacial Pain
1686 (34)
Ivan Garza
Todd J. Schwedt
Carrie E. Robertson
Jonathan H. Smith
104 Cranial Neuropathies
1720 (16)
Janet C. Rucker
Matthew J. Thurtell
105 Disorders of Bones, Joints, Ligaments, and Meninges
1736 (30)
Michael Devereaux
David Hart
106 Disorders of Nerve Roots and Plexuses
1766 (25)
David A. Chad
Michael P. Bowley
107 Disorders of Peripheral Nerves
1791 (76)
Bashar Katirji
108 Disorders of the Autonomic Nervous System
1867 (29)
Thomas Chelimsky
Gisela Chelimsky
109 Disorders of Neuromuscular Transmission
1896 (19)
Donald B. Sanders
Jeffrey T. Guptill
110 Disorders of Skeletal Muscle
1915 (41)
Anthony A. Amato
111 Neurological Problems of the Newborn
1956 (17)
Elke Roland
Alan Hill
112 Neurological Problems of Pregnancy
1973 (19)
D. Malcolm Shaner
113 Functional and Dissociative (Psychogenic) Neurological Symptoms
Jon Stone
Alan Carson
Index 1

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