Williams Hematology 9 Ed.

Kaushansky, Kenneth, M.D. ; Lichtman, Marshall A., M.D. ; Prchal, Josef T., M.D.
Williams Hematology
Especialidad: Hematologia
ISBN: 9780071833004
Publicación: 2015
Idioma: Ingles

Contributors ix
Preface xxi
PART I Clinical Evaluation of the Patient
1 Initial Approach to the Patient: History and Physical Examination
3 (8)
Marshall A. Lichtman
Linda J. Burns
2 Examination of Blood Cells
11 (16)
Daniel H. Ryan
3 Examination of The Marrow
27 (14)
Daniel H. Ryan
4 Consultative Hematology
41 (12)
Rondeep S. Brar
Stanley L. Schrier
PART II The Organization of the Lymphohematopoietic Tissues
5 Structure of the Marrow and the Hematopoietic Microenvironment
53 (32)
Utpal P. Dave
Mark J. Koury
6 The Organization and Structure of Lymphoid Tissues
85 (14)
Aharon G. Freud
Michael A. Caligiuri
PART III Epochal Hematology
7 Hematology of the Fetus and Newborn
99 (20)
James Palis
George B. Segel
8 Hematology during Pregnancy
119 (10)
Martha P. Mints
9 Hematology in Older Persons
129 (16)
William B. Ershler
Andrew S. Artz
Bindu Kanapuru
PART IV Molecular and Cellular Hematology
10 Genetic Principles and Molecular Biology
145 (10)
Lynn B. Jorde
11 Genomics
155 (10)
Lukas D. Wartman
Elaine R. Mardis
12 Epigenetics
165 (8)
Bradley R. Cairns
13 Cytogenetics and Genetic Abnormalities
173 (18)
Lucy A. Godley
Madina Sukhanova
Gordana Raca
Michelle M. Le Beau
14 Metabolism of Hematologic Neoplastic Cells
191 (12)
Zandra E. Walton
Annie L. Hsieh
Chi V. Dang
15 Apoptosis Mechanisms: Relevance to the Hematopoietic System
203 (10)
John C. Reed
16 Cell-Cycle Regulation and Hematologic Disorders
213 (34)
Yun Dai
Prithviraj Bose
Steven Grant
17 Signal Transduction Pathways
247 (10)
Kenneth Kaushansky
18 Hematopoietic Stem Cells, Progenitors, and Cytokines
257 (22)
Kenneth Kaushansky
19 The Inflammatory Response
279 (14)
Jeffrey S. Warren
Peter A. Ward
20 Innate Immunity
293 (14)
Bruce Beutler
21 Dendritic Cells and Adaptive Immunity
307 (8)
Madhav Dhodapkar
Crystal L. Mackall
Ralph M. Steinman
PART V Therapeutic Principles
22 Pharmacology and Toxicity of Antineoplastic Drugs
315 (38)
Benjamin Izar
Dustin Dzube
James M. Cleary
Constantine S. Mitsiades
Paul G. Richardson
Jeffrey A. Barnes
Bruce A. Chabner
23 Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation
353 (30)
Andrew R. Rezvani
Robert Lowsky
Robert S. Negrin
24 Treatment of Infections in The Immunocompromised Host
383 (10)
Lisa Beutler
Jennifer Babik
25 Antithrombotic Therapy
393 (16)
Gregory C. Connolly
Charles W. Francis
26 Immune Cell Therapy
409 (12)
Carolina Berger
Stanley R. Riddell
27 Vaccine Therapy
421 (6)
Katayoun Rezvani
Jeffrey J. Molldrem
28 Therapeutic Apheresis: Indications, Efficacy, and Complications
427 (10)
Robert Weinstein
29 Gene Therapy for Hematologic Diseases
437 (10)
Hua Fung
Stanton Gerson
30 Regenerative Medicine: Multipotential Cell Therapy for Tissue Repair
447 (14)
Jakub Tolar
Mark J. Osborn
Randy Daughters
Anannya Banga
John Wagner
PART VI The Erythrocyte
31 Structure and Composition of the Erythrocyte
461 (18)
Narla Mohandas
32 Erythropoiesis
479 (16)
Josef T. Prchal
Perumal Thiagarajan
33 Erythrocyte Turnover
495 (8)
Perumal Thiagarajan
Josef Prchal
34 Clinical Manifestations and Classification of Erythrocyte Disorders
503 (10)
Josef T. Prchal
35 Aplastic Anemia: Acquired and Inherited
513 (26)
George B. Segel
Marshall A. Lichtman
36 Pure Red Cell Aplasia
539 (10)
Neal S. Young
37 Anemia of Chronic Disease
549 (10)
Tomas Ganz
38 Erythropoietic Effects of Endocrine Disorders
559 (4)
Xylina T. Gregg
39 The Congenital Dyserythropoietic Anemias
563 (8)
Achille Iolascon
40 Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria
571 (12)
Charles J. Parker
41 Folate, Cobalamin, and Megaloblastic Anemias
583 (34)
Ralph Green
42 Iron Metabolism
617 (10)
Tomas Ganz
43 Iron Deficiency and Overload
627 (24)
Tomas Ganz
44 Anemia Resulting from Other Nutritional Deficiencies
651 (6)
Ralph Green
45 Anemia Associated with Marrow Infiltration
657 (4)
Vishnu VB Reddy
Josef T. Prchal
46 Erythrocyte Membrane Disorders
661 (28)
Theresa L. Coetzer
47 Erythrocyte Enzyme Disorders
689 (36)
Wouter W. van Solinge
Richard van Wijk
48 The Thalassemias: Disorders of Globin Synthesis
725 (34)
David J. Weatherall
49 Disorders of Hemoglobin Structure: Sickle Cell Anemia and Related Abnormalities
759 (30)
Kavita Natrajan
Abdullah Kutlar
50 Methemoglobinemia and Other Dyshemoglobinemias
789 (12)
Archana M. Agarwal
Josef T. Prchal
51 Fragmentation Hemolytic Anemia
801 (8)
Kelly R. Baker
Joel Moake
52 Erythrocyte Disorders as a Result of Chemical and Physical Agents
809 (6)
Paul C. Herrmann
53 Hemolytic Anemia Resulting from Infections with Microorganisms
815 (8)
Marshall A. Lichtman
54 Hemolytic Anemia Resulting from Immune Injury
823 (24)
Charles H. Packman
55 Alloimmune Hemolytic Disease of the Fetus and Newborn
847 (16)
Ross M. Fasano
Jeanne E. Hendrickson
Naomi L. C. Luban
56 Hypersplenism and Hyposplenism
863 (8)
Jaime Caro
Srikanth Nagalla
57 Primary and Secondary Erythrocytoses
871 (18)
Josef T. Prchal
58 The Porphyrias
889 (26)
John D. Phillips
Karl E. Anderson
59 Polyclonal and Hereditary Sideroblastic Anemias
915 (10)
Prem Ponka
Josef T. Prchal
PART VII Neutrophils, Eosinophils, Basophils, and Mast Cells
60 Structure and Composition of Neutrophils, Eosinophils, and Basophils
925 (14)
C. Wayne Smith
61 Production, Distribution, and Fate of Neutrophils
939 (8)
C. Wayne Smith
62 Eosinophils and Related Disorders
947 (18)
Andrew J. Wardlaw
63 Basophils, Mast Cells, and Related Disorders
965 (18)
Stephen J. Galli
Dean D. Metcalfe
Daniel A. Arber
Ann M. Dvorak
64 Classification and Clinical Manifestations of Neutrophil Disorders
983 (8)
Marshall A. Lichtman
65 Neutropenia and Neutrophilia
991 (14)
David C. Dale
Karl Welte
66 Disorders of Neutrophil Function
1005 (40)
Niels Borregaard
PART VIII Monocytes and Macrophages
67 Structure, Receptors, and Functions of Monocytes and Macrophages
1045 (30)
Steven D. Douglas
Anne G. Douglas
68 Production, Distribution, and Activation of Monocytes and Macrophages
1075 (14)
Steven D. Douglas
Anne G. Douglas
69 Classification and Clinical Manifestations of Disorders of Monocytes and Macrophages
1089 (6)
Marshall A. Lichtman
70 Monocytosis and Monocytopenia
1095 (6)
Marshall A. Lichtman
71 Inflammatory and Malignant Histiocytosis
1101 (20)
Kenneth L. McClain
Carl E. Allen
72 Gaucher Disease and Related Lysosomal Storage Diseases...
1121 (16)
Ari Zimran
Deborah Elstein
PART IX Lymphocytes and Plasma Cells
73 The Structure of Lymphocytes and Plasma Cells
1137 (12)
Natarajan Muthusamy
Michael A. Caligiuri
74 Lymphopoiesis
1149 (10)
Christopher S. Seet
Gay M. Crooks
75 Functions of B Lymphocytes and Plasma Cells in Immunoglobulin Production
1159 (16)
Thomas J. Kipps
76 Functions of T Lymphocytes: T-Cell Receptors for Antigen
1175 (14)
Fabienne McClanahan
John Gribben
77 Functions of Natural Killer Cells
1189 (6)
Giorgio Trinchieri
Richard W. Childs
Lewis L. Lanier
78 Classification and Clinical Manifestations of Lymphocyte and Plasma Cell Disorders
1195 (4)
Yvonne A. Efebera
Michael A. Caligiuri
79 Lymphocytosis and Lymphocytopenia
1199 (12)
Sumithira Vasu
Michael A. Caligiuri
80 Immunodeficiency Diseases
1211 (28)
Hans D. Ochs
Luigi D. Notarangelo
81 Hematologic Manifestations of Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome
1239 (22)
Virginia C. Broudy
Robert D. Harrington
82 Mononucleosis Syndromes
1261 (14)
Robert F. Betts
PART X Malignant Myeloid Diseases
83 Classification and Clinical Manifestations of the Clonal Myeloid Disorders
1275 (16)
Marshall A. Lichtman
84 Polycythemia Vera
1291 (16)
Jaroslav F. Prchal
Josef T. Prchal
85 Essential Thrombocythemia
1307 (12)
Philip A. Beer
Anthony R. Green
86 Primary Myelofibrosis
1319 (22)
Marshall A. Lichtman
Josef T. Prchal
87 Myelodysplastic Syndromes
1341 (32)
Rafael Bejar
David P. Steensma
88 Acute Myelogenous Leukemia
1373 (64)
Jane L. Liesveld
Marshall A. Lichtman
89 Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia and Related Disorders
1437 (56)
Jane L. Liesveld
Marshall A. Lichtman
PART XI Malignant Lymphoid Diseases
90 Classification of Malignant Lymphoid Disorders
1493 (12)
Robert A. Baiocchi
91 Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
1505 (22)
Richard A. Larson
92 Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
1527 (26)
Farrukh T. Awan
John C. Byrd
93 Hairy Cell Leukemia
1553 (10)
Michael R. Grever
Gerard Lozanski
94 Large Granular Lymphocytic Leukemia
1563 (6)
Pierluigi Porcu
Aharon G. Freud
95 General Considerations for Lymphomas: Epidemiology, Etiology, Heterogeneity, and Primary Extranodal Disease
1569 (18)
Oliver W. Press
Marshall A. Lichtman
96 Pathology of Lymphomas
1587 (16)
Randy D. Gascoyne
Brian F. Skinnider
97 Hodgkin Lymphoma
1603 (22)
Oliver W. Press
98 Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma and Related Diseases
1625 (16)
Stephen D. Smith
Oliver W. Press
99 Follicular Lymphoma
1641 (12)
Oliver W. Press
100 Mantle Cell Lymphoma
1653 (10)
Martin Dreyling
101 Marginal Zone B-Cell Lymphomas
1663 (8)
Pier Luigi Zinzani
Alessandro Broccoli
102 Burkitt Lymphoma
1671 (8)
Andrew G. Evans
Jonathan W. Friedberg
103 Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma (Mycosis Fungoides and Sezary Syndrome)
1679 (14)
Larisa J. Geskin
104 Mature T-Cell and Natural Killer Cell Lymphomas
1693 (14)
Neha Mehta
Alison Moskowitz
Steven Horwitz
105 Plasma Cell Neoplasms: General Considerations
1707 (14)
Guido Tricot
Siegfried Janz
Kalyan Nadiminti
Erik Wendlandt
Fenghuang Zhan
106 Essential Monoclonal Gammopathy
1721 (12)
Marshall A. Lichtman
107 Myeloma
1733 (40)
Elizabeth O'Donnell
Francesco Cottini
Noopur Raje
Kenneth Anderson
108 Immunoglobulin Light-Chain Amyloidosis
1773 (12)
Morie A. Gertz
Taimur Sher
Angela Dispenzieri
Francis K. Buadi
109 Macroglobulinemia
1785 (18)
Steven P. Treon
Jorge J. Castillo
Zachary R. Hunter
Giampaolo Merlini
110 Heavy-Chain Disease
1803 (12)
Dietlind L. Wahner-Roedler
Robert A. Kyle
PART XII Hemostasis and Thrombosis
111 Megakaryopoiesis and Thrombopoiesis
1815 (14)
Kenneth Kaushansky
112 Platelet Morphology, Biochemistry, and Function
1829 (86)
Susan S. Smyth
Sidney Whiteheart
Joseph E. Italiano Jr.
Paul Bray
Barry S. Coller
113 Molecular Biology and Biochemistry of the Coagulation Factors and Pathways of Hemostasis
1915 (34)
Mettine H. A. Bos
Cornelis van 't Veer
Pieter H. Reitsma
114 Control of Coagulation Reactions
1949 (18)
Laurent O. Mosnier
John H. Griffin
115 Vascular Function in Hemostasis
1967 (18)
Katherine A. Hajjar
Aaron J. Marcus
William Muller
116 Classification, Clinical Manifestations, and Evaluation of Disorders of Hemostasis
1985 (8)
Marcel Levi
Uri Seligsohn
Kenneth Kaushansky
117 Thrombocytopenia
1993 (32)
Reyhan Diz-Kucukkaya
Jose A. Lopez
118 Heparin-Induced Thrombocytopenia
2025 (10)
Adam Cuker
Mortimer Poncz
119 Reactive Thrombocytosis
2035 (4)
Kenneth Kaushansky
120 Hereditary Qualitative Platelet Disorders
2039 (34)
A. Koneti Rao
Barry S. Coller
121 Acquired Qualitative Platelet Disorders
2073 (24)
Charles S. Abrams
Sanford J. Shattil
Joel S. Bennett
122 The Vascular Purpuras
2097 (16)
Doru T. Alexandrescu
Marcel Levi
123 Hemophilia A and Hemophilia B
2113 (20)
Miguel A. Escobar
Nigel S. Key
124 Inherited Deficiencies of Coagulation Factors II, V, V+VIII, VII, X, XI, and XIII
2133 (18)
Flora Peyvandi
Marzia Menegatti
125 Hereditary Fibrinogen Abnormalities
2151 (12)
Marguerite Neerman-Arbez
Philippe de Moerloose
126 Von Willebrand Disease
2163 (20)
Jill Johnsen
David Ginsburg
127 Antibody-Mediated Coagulation Factor Deficiencies
2183 (8)
Sean R. Stowell
John S. (Pete) Lollar
Shannon L. Meeks
128 Hemostatic Alterations in Liver Disease and Liver Transplantation
2191 (8)
Frank W.G. Leebeek
Ton Lisman
129 Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation
2199 (22)
Marcel Levi
Uri Seligsohn
130 Hereditary Thrombophilia
2221 (12)
Saskia Middeldorp
Michiel Coppens
131 The Antiphospholipid Syndrome
2233 (20)
Jacob H. Rand
Lucia Wolgast
132 Thrombotic Microangiopathies
2253 (14)
J. Evan Sadler
133 Venous Thrombosis
2267 (14)
Gary E. Raskob
Russell D. Hull
Harry R. Buller
134 Atherothrombosis: Disease Initiation, Progression, and Treatment
2281 (22)
Emile R. Mohler
Andrew I. Schafer
135 Fibrinolysis and Thrombolysis
2303 (26)
Katherine A. Hajjar
Jia Ruan
PART XIII Transfusion Medicine
136 Erythrocyte Antigens and Antibodies
2329 (24)
Marion E. Reid
Christine Lomas-Francis
137 Human Leukocyte and Platelet Antigens
2353 (12)
Myra Coppage
David Stroncek
Janice McFarland
Neil Blumberg
138 Blood Procurement and Red Cell Transfusion
2365 (16)
Jeffrey McCullough
Majed A. Refaai
Claudia S. Cohn
139 Preservation and Clinical Use of Platelets
2381 (12)
Terry Gernsheimer
Sherrill Slichter
Index 2393

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