Green's Operative Hand Surgery 7 Ed.

Wolfe, Scott W., M.D. ; Hotchkiss, Robert N., M.D. ; Pederson, William C., M.D.
Green's Operative Hand Surgery
Especialidad: Ortopedia y traumatologia
ISBN: 9781455774272
Publicación: 2016
Idioma: Ingles

PART I Basic Principles
1 Anesthesia
1 (16)
Elaine Yang
2 Acute Infections of the Hand
17 (45)
Milan V. Stevanovic
Frances Sharpe
3 Chronic Infections
62 (66)
Mukund R. Patel
4 Dupuytren Disease
128 (24)
Charles Eaton
5 Extensor Tendon Injury
152 (31)
Robert J. Strauch
6 Flexor Tendon Injury
183 (48)
John Gray Seiler
7 Fractures of the Metacarpals and Phalanges
231 (47)
Charles S. Day
8 Dislocations and Ligament Injuries of the Digits
278 (40)
Greg Merrell
Hill Hastings
9 Perionychium
318 (20)
Nicole Z. Sommer
10 Treatment of the Stiff Finger and Hand
338 (7)
Robert N. Hotchkiss
11 Treatment of the Osteoarthritic Hand and Thumb
345 (28)
Peter M. Murray
12 Wrist Arthrodesis and Arthroplasty
373 (45)
Marco Rizzo
13 Wrist Instabilities, Misalignments, and Dislocations
418 (61)
Marc Garcia-Elias
Alberto L. Lluch
14 Distal Radioulnar Joint
479 (37)
Brian D. Adams
Eraser J. Leversedge
15 Distal Radius Fractures
516 (72)
Scott W. Wolfe
16 Fractures of the Carpal Bones
588 (65)
Steve K. Lee
17 Wrist Arthroscopy
653 (44)
William B. Geissler
PART IV Elbow and Forearm
18 Fractures of the Distal Humerus
697 (37)
David P. Barei
Douglas P. Hanel
19 Fractures of the Radial Head
734 (36)
Graham J. W. King
20 Fractures of the Proximal Ulna
770 (16)
George S.M. Dyer
David Ring
21 Disorders of the Forearm Axis
786 (27)
Mark E. Baratz
22 Complex Traumatic Elbow Dislocation
813 (17)
George S.M. Dyer
Jesse B. Jupiter
23 Chronic Elbow Instability: Ligament Reconstruction
830 (13)
Mark S. Cohen
24 Treatment of the Stiff Elbow
843 (20)
Robert N. Hotchkiss
25 Elbow Tendinopathies and Tendon Ruptures
863 (22)
Julie E. Adams
Scott P. Steinmann
26 Elbow Arthroscopy
885 (20)
George S. Athwal
27 Total Elbow Arthroplasty
905 (16)
Mark S. Cohen
Neal C. Chen
PART V Nerves
28 Compression Neuropathies
921 (38)
Susan E. Mackinnon
Christine B. Novak
29 Thoracic Outlet Compression Syndrome
959 (20)
Richard Meyer
30 Nerve Injury and Repair
979 (44)
Rolfe Birch
Tom Quick
31 Principles of Tendon Transfers of Median, Radial, and Ulnar Nerves
1023 (57)
Timothy R.C. Davis
32 Spasticity: Cerebral Palsy and Traumatic Brain Injury
1080 (42)
Scott H. Kozin
Nina Lightdale-Miric
33 Tetraplegia
1122 (24)
Ann E. Van Heest
34 Traumatic Brachial Plexus Injury
1146 (62)
Robert J. Spinner
Alexander Y. Shin
Bassem T. Elhassan
Allen T. Bishop
PART VI Pediatric Hand
35 Embryology of the Upper Extremity
1208 (9)
Scott H. Kozin
36 Deformities of the Hand and Fingers
1217 (72)
Simon P. Kay
David B. McCombe
Scott H. Kozin
37 Deformities of the Thumb
1289 (39)
Scott H. Kozin
38 Malformations and Deformities of the Wrist and Forearm
1328 (37)
Michelle A. James
Andrea S. Bauer
39 Arthrogryposis
1365 (26)
Dan A. Zlotolow
40 Pediatric Brachial Plexus Palsy
1391 (34)
Roger Cornwall
Peter M. Waters
41 Hand, Wrist, and Forearm Fractures in Children
1425 (51)
Donald S. Bae
PART VII Bone and Soft Tissue Reconstruction
42 Replantation
1476 (10)
James P. Higgins
43 Mangled Upper Extremity
1486 (42)
Jeffrey B. Friedrich
Nicholas B. Vedder
44 Nonmicrosurgical Coverage of the Upper Extremity
1528 (46)
William C. Pederson
45 Free Flaps to the Hand and Upper Extremity
1574 (38)
Neil F. Jones
Graham D. Lister
46 Vascularized Bone Grafting
1612 (31)
Allen T. Bishop
Alexander Y. Shin
47 Toe-to-Hand Transplantation
1643 (31)
Fu-Chan Wei
Nidal F. AlDeek
48 Thumb Reconstruction
1674 (34)
Kodi Azari
PART VIII Other Disorders of the Upper Extremity
49 Digital Amputations
1708 (45)
Sanjeev Kakar
50 Major Limb Amputations and Prosthetics
1753 (10)
Rafael J. Diaz-Garcia
Paul S. Cederna
51 Compartment Syndrome and Volkmann Ischemic Contracture
1763 (25)
Milan V. Stevanovic
Frances Sharpe
52 Management of Venomous Injuries
1788 (9)
Vidal Haddad, Jr.
Trajano Sardenberg
53 A Practical Guide for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in the Acute Stage and Late Stage
1797 (31)
L. Andrew Koman
Beth Paterson Smith
Thomas L. Smith
54 Factitious Disorders
1828 (4)
Dean S. Louis
Morton L. Kasdan
55 Rheumatoid Arthritis and Other Connective Tissue Diseases
1832 (72)
Paul Feldon
Andrew L. Terrono
Edward A. Nalebuff
Lewis H. Millender
56 Tendinopathy
1904 (22)
Scott W. Wolfe
57 Burned Hand
1926 (32)
Gunter Germann
Manuel Hrabowski
58 Skin Tumors of the Hand and Upper Extremity
1958 (29)
David T. Netscher
59 Bone and Soft Tissue Tumors
1987 (49)
Edward A. Athanasian
60 Vascular Disorders of the Hand
William C. Pederson
Classic Chapters*
Classic: General Principles
Classic: Radial Nerve
Classic: Stiff Joints
Classic: Principles of Microvascular Surgery
William C. Pederson
Index 1

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